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              SINCE 2002

              It is a large-scale enterprise with an area of 135 Mu and a building area of 150,000 square meters. It devotes itself to the R&D and production of motor and household vacuum cleaner. Its products are mainly oriented to European and American markets. It has passed UL, CE, CCC certification and met the requirements of EU ROHS and REACH directives. It is a high-tech enterprise at Ningbo municipal level. trade……

              Covers an area of 150000 square meters

              More than 1600 employees
              MORE +

              Electric machinery

              Hand vacuum cleaner

              Charging vacuum cleaner

              Bedroom vacuum cleaner

              EPS Brushless Motor for Automobile

              News information

              Know us, know more about the motor industry

              • You work in the Top 500 Enterprises in China Recently, by the "Zhejiang Merchants" magazine data laboratory exclusively launched the "Zhejiang Merchants Bank Yongjin Bill Pool 2019 Zhejiang Merchants National Top 500" launched again. Date:2019-07-11
              • What is executive power? What would you do if the leader asked you to complete a report without specifying the time? Do it first, then grind it until the leader comes to urge it. Are you executing? Date:2019-06-20
              • The Ultimate Battle of the Safety Month~ Fire fighting skills competition Date:2019-06-24

              Focus on us

              Ningbo Dechang Electrical Machinery Made Co.,Ltd
              Add:No.18 YongXing East Road ,Dongjiao Industtrial District, YuYao, Zhejiang, China
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